Woodcraft Folk

Cheltenham District
Woodcraft Folk

  • Den bulding

    in Leckhampton Woods

    It was all fun & games until someone tested how waterproof it was(n't)!

    Den bulding
  • Toasting marshmallows

    on a weekend away

    Not too burnt, but nice & gooey inside - just how we like them!

    Toasting marshmallows
  • Weekend away

    at Big Mose

    Having fun playing games in the woods & tracking the 'Big Mose'!

    Big Mose
  • Our Dutch Oven...

    ... inside which is some lovely grub!

    Bushcraft's just one of the many activities we enjoy on group nights & on weekends away.

    Dutch Oven
  • Camping in the Forest of Dean

    We love overnighters...

    ...and the Biblins Youth Camp in the Forest of Dean is one of our favourite places to canoe, explore & have fun!

    Camping at the Biblins
  • Bramley House

    our insect house at the Pilley Nature Reserve

    Looking after the natural world & the environment are just one of Woodcraft's main principles.

    Insect Hotel

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