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Become a Woodcraft Folk member

Become a Woodcraft Folk member

At Woodcraft Folk we believe passionately in equality and co-operation – everyone is welcome to join our groups.

Every week thousands of volunteers and young people meet in school halls, community venues and a host of other places to learn about big ideas through fun activities like singing, playing and debating. Our aim is to have great fun, but also to try and develop children’s self-confidence and build their awareness of society around them. Through our activities, outings and camps we help our members understand important issues like the environment, world debt and global conflict and, in recent years, we have focused on sustainable development.

By encouraging children to think, we hope they will help build a peaceful, fairer world.

Information about becoming a Woodcraft Folk Member

  • Who needs to be a member? If you are aged 16 or over and regularly volunteering with our young people or going on a residential then you need to be a member. Becoming a member not only helps Woodcraft Folk to grow, but also means you're covered by Woodcraft's personal liability insurance. It also halves the cost of weekly subs for your children, and often reduces the costs of camps & residential trips - over a year it easily pays for itself!
  • Decide whether you wish to be a "Friend of the Folk" or an "Active Member".
    • Friend of the Folk: this if for those who want to join but not be part of the group. It does not include a DBS (criminal records check) and so means you can't be present on group nights, run sessions or attend residentials or camps.
    • Active Member: this is for those who want to stay for group nights, help out at group nights and come on camps or residentials. This does include a DBS check.
  • The cost of joining is £30 / year, or £12 if you are unwaged, and can be paid by monthly direct debit.

The process for becoming a Woodcraft Folk Member

  1. You first need to create a user account on the main Woodcraft website. Please go to the user registration page and follow the instructions listed there. They just need your email address and a username - please supply the email address where you'd like all your Woodcraft membership communications to be sent.
  2. After creating your user account, log into the website and click on the join/renew button to the top right hand corner of the screen.
  3. You'll be taken to the payment page where you can pay for your membership securely and easily on line.
  4. If you decide to pay your membership fees by Direct Debit you will need to create your DD instruction first and then go the 'my account' section (found in the 'logged in as box' to bottom left of the homepage) to complete your personal information and submit.
  5. You've now completed your online Woodcraft Folk membership application.
  6. If you stated you wish to be an Active Member, you also need to complete a Woodcraft's safeguarding procedure, which include a DBS application, along with providing personal references.
  7. References can now be actioned online, so please complete the online instructions.
  8. Woodcraft's DBS applications are now all done online. Please visit the DBS Online website & click on register in the top right corner.
  9. You will need:
    1. District Organisation Pin: 147272
    2. Woodcraft Folk's code word: contact Dave for this
    3. Your identity documents: (i.e. passport, driving licence, utility bill etc)
    4. There is no cost incurred to process your DBS application
  10. Once you've registered your DBS application, you'll need to show your identification documents to Dave or Emily, who will verify you & approve your application online.
  11. A DBS check needs to be renewed every 3 years, but Woodcraft Folk will contact you directly when yours is close to expiry. Note that DBS have also introduced a DBS Update Service, so if you subscribe to this service, once you've completed a full DBS, you only need to request a status update when it expires, instead of completing a full DBS each time. More details can be found here: woodcraft.org.uk/updates-to-the-disclosure-barring-service-2013
  12. Your DBS approval will automatically be sent to Woodcraft Head Office, who will update their records accordingly.
For more information about becoming a member of Woodcraft, see the Joining page on the main Woodcraft Folk website. Or if you have any questions about becoming a Member of Woodcraft Folk, please speak to Dave or Emily.