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Dates for your diary

Spring Camp - End May 2019

For all groups ..... more details soon!

The Louise Medus-Mansell Memorial Camp

Noon to noon on the 22nd - 23rd June 2019 at Upcote Farm

Click here for more specific details...

*Open to WF members and non-members, for more information and to book your place please email names and numbers to Duncan Siret. **If you need a tent, want help getting local accommodation or need any other help please let us know.

V Camp - 3rd - 10th August 2019 at Biblins

We're really excited to announce that we're hoping to take a Cheltenham group to join Woodcraft Folk's fabulous week long summer event for young people aged 13 plus.

  • V Camp is a nationwide Woodcraft camp specially made for Venturers, which will be held at Biblins 3rd - 10th of August 2019.
  • It’s a week long camp made for Venturers by Venturers!
  • The theme ‘Voyage’ is reflected in the programme.
  • Centres provide daytime and some evening programme for V Camp. Centres usually provide 2 workshops a day and are a space for young people to develop skills and interests.
  • So far 9 centres are confirmed: STEM Cell, Nature and Bushcraft, Sustainability, Arts and Crafts, MEST UP, Radio, as well as the Library/Museum. The Common Grounds cafe will serve snacks & drinks. Venturers can create their own videos for the News each night at the Media Centre, and engage with democracy at the Venturer Committee Centre.
  • A really interesting Wide Game concept is being developed but the details are TOP SECRET. There will also be a Post Office where Venturers can send messages to friends in different villages.
  • Four theme nights are planned for evening entertainment: Sail Away, Space, Under the Sea and a final party looking towards the future. Venturers are strongly encouraged to dress up!
  • Venturers will have the opportunity to perform in the Merry Moot, learn the story of land rights and protest with Gadael Tir , and get their groove on with Bethlehem Casuals. We look forward to announcing more acts & programme information soon.
  • The cost is £135 per person and the normal booking deadline is 14th June, The early booking deadline is 15th February. If we book by then you will get a £10 discount. So it will be only £125!

We need to know who in Cheltenham Venturers would be interested in attending this camp. Especially as we get a discount if we book soon, but also we'll need some of our volunteer leaders to arrange time off work to accompany the group. So have a good think and talk to the Leaders at the earliest opportunity.