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The Louise Medus-Mansell Memorial Camp

Noon to noon on the 7th - 8th September 2019 at Upcote Farm

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*Open to WF members and non-members, for more information and to book your place please email names and numbers to Duncan Siret. **If you need a tent, want help getting local accommodation or need any other help please let us know.

Spring Camp - Sat 25th May to Wed 29th May – Dinedor

This year we will be holding our Spring Camp at Dinedor Outdoor Centre and bunkhouse. This a wonderful centre situated on the north side of the old iron age fort, Dinedor Camp, just 3 miles from Hereford. The site is surrounded by countryside and woodland and has fabulous views. The centre offers a combination of camping and bunkhouse accommodation for lots of flexibility. It also has the benefit of having full kitchen facilities and both indoor and outdoor recreation spaces which we plan to make full use of.

You can find out more about Dinedor here - www.dinedoroutdoorcentre.org.uk

Over the five days we will be able to provide all the usual Woodcraft activities; bushcraft, games, team building, arts and crafts, drama, baking, walks, outdoor adventures... as well as the now legendary Merry Moot! We are still in the initial stages of activity planning so may have a few more exciting activities up our sleeve to add to this list. We are also inviting some other groups to join us again. It is already shaping up to be a fantastic trip which we hope you can join us for!

The camp information can be downloaded here: Information Letter
The booking form can be downloaded here: Booking Form

V Camp - 3rd - 10th August 2019 at Biblins

We're really excited to announce that we're hoping to take a Cheltenham group to join Woodcraft Folk's fabulous week long summer event for young people aged 13 plus.

  • V Camp is a nationwide Woodcraft camp specially made for Venturers, which will be held at Biblins 3rd - 10th of August 2019.
  • It’s a week long camp made for Venturers by Venturers!
  • The theme ‘Voyage’ is reflected in the programme.
  • Centres provide daytime and some evening programme for V Camp. Centres usually provide 2 workshops a day and are a space for young people to develop skills and interests.
  • So far 9 centres are confirmed: STEM Cell, Nature and Bushcraft, Sustainability, Arts and Crafts, MEST UP, Radio, as well as the Library/Museum. The Common Grounds cafe will serve snacks & drinks. Venturers can create their own videos for the News each night at the Media Centre, and engage with democracy at the Venturer Committee Centre.
  • A really interesting Wide Game concept is being developed but the details are TOP SECRET. There will also be a Post Office where Venturers can send messages to friends in different villages.
  • Four theme nights are planned for evening entertainment: Sail Away, Space, Under the Sea and a final party looking towards the future. Venturers are strongly encouraged to dress up!
  • Venturers will have the opportunity to perform in the Merry Moot, learn the story of land rights and protest with Gadael Tir , and get their groove on with Bethlehem Casuals. We look forward to announcing more acts & programme information soon.
  • The cost is £135 per person and the normal booking deadline is 14th June, The early booking deadline is 15th February. If we book by then you will get a £10 discount. So it will be only £125!

We need to know who in Cheltenham Venturers would be interested in attending this camp. Especially as we get a discount if we book soon, but also we'll need some of our volunteer leaders to arrange time off work to accompany the group. So have a good think and talk to the Leaders at the earliest opportunity.