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Elfin and Pioneer Weekend at Biblins in the Forest of Dean

The Biblins campsite is situated on the banks of the River Wye in an area of outstanding natural beauty and is surrounded by the ancient woodlands of the Forest of Dean. Our first attempt at a weekend away was unfortunately hampered by the extreme ‘summer’ weather, but thankfully no such problems this time – we had beautiful sunshine throughout!

And what a great weekend it was! After arriving and setting up (and a quick lunch), the children dived straight into the organised activities, which consisted of either canoeing or the Adventure Mission (abseiling down into a cave). Clambering down a cliff into a pitch black cave might sound like some people’s idea of hell, but the children loved in and were very brave! The canoeists did brilliantly canoeing upstream, which in the warm midday sun made everyone very hot. Thankfully the river was right there to cool people off – and once in, they spent more time in the water than in the canoes! Once everyone had returned and dried off, they split into small groups and cooked their own dinner over stoves – they worked very well together and even did the washing up afterwards! The rest of the evening was spent playing parachute games and sitting round the campfire singing songs and looking out for shooting stars.

After packing up on the Sunday morning, we all went for a gentle stroll through the shady woodland alongside the river up to Symonds Yat, across with the ferryman and back to the Biblins for lunch and home. A very enjoyable weekend was had by all!