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Kingfisher Elfins outwit leaders and parents on weekend bunkhouse trip

After a long battle of wills the Kingfisher Elfins pretended to go to sleep on Friday evening while planning their daring raid on the foodstore. Once worn out leaders and parents made their way to bed, the naughty Elfins snuck down stairs and helped themselves to apples, chocholate spread, sugar and other goodies. The incident was only discovered the next morning when bemused leaders could not find the sugar to go on their cereal!

17 parents and Elfins were on a weekend at the National Trust Big Mose Basecamp on the 2nd - 4th March 2012. The weekend was a great success with our young members enjoying hunting werewolves in the secret garden, swinging on a rope swing, games in the wood and two films (oh and the best cake ever - a chocolate Woodcraft cake baked by Aidan - yummmmmmy).

You can find more information about Big Mose Base Camp through the National Trust website