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Woodcraft Folk

What exactly is the Big Mose?

This was the question of the weekend and we came that close to answering it! The Big Mose was talked about throughout the weekend and had us all feeling very scared.

It became clear the Big Mose is an animal. It is also very large, in fact very large indeed. It has cat like paws (we know this because its foot prints had four toes and no claws - they had been withdrawn) and it lives in or close to water. It moves about at night and has an owl like screech. It feeds off the bark of trees and it came very close to where we were staying. There were signs that the Big Mose visited the secret garden while we slept - and some of us were sleeping in the garden at the time ... we were lucky to get through the weekend alive!

When we were not searching for the Big Mose we played football, made dream catchers, climbed on the net and watched films. 40 of us, Pioneers and Elfins, had a fabulous weekend away and lots of cake. Thank you very much to the National Trust for allowing us back for a second time.