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Bramley House is opened to Mini Beasts

After a lot of hard work on Saturday morning Kingfisher Elfins made sure the new Bee-Jou residence was ready for its formal opening on Monday evening. About 30 bugs, mini-beasts, worms, slugs and snails were safely housed in this luxury apartment block situated in the fabulous surroundings of the Community Orchard on the Pilley Bridge Nature Reserve. It was a very busy evening session as we were also able to site six bee houses on trees near by (thanks for your help Rob) and on top of all that James was able to show us Jupiter and its four moons (thanks to you too James).

Monday also saw the launch of the Kingfisher Elfin Geocache (placed not a million miles from Bramley House) and it received two visitors on its first day - and this is what the visitors said - "We were very impressed by Bramley House and it's obvious that a lot of work has gone into making it. It also seemed like a lovely spot to play and I hope to come back again soon". To find the Geocache please click this link.

For more information about the Pilley Bridge Nature Reserve please follow this link..