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Charity Bring and Buy

Our young members did us proud last night (Monday 16th December) at the Charity Bring and Buy. They raised a whopping £107. 95p. What a fantastic effort. The evening started with a song in memory of Nelson Mandela, we sang Back of the Bus - a traditional Woodcraft Folk song about Rosa Parks' protest about inequality in America. It was very impressive to hear how much our young members knew about the great man, Nelson Mandela . Singing the song seemed to set the scene for a big effort to raise a whole load of money. In the news circle our young members nominated their favourite charity and we had a huge range of different types of charities, including for homeless people, the Philippines, the Red Cross, a local special school and a number of animal charities.

Everyone joined in with the sale, people bought books, games, sweets, cakes, popcorn, badges and much much more. We had a splat the rat and a skittles game to tempt us out of our money. Selling was very intense and resulted in some great offers, bargain BOGOFs and half price sales.

The evening finished with a vote during the final circle and the three groups (Elfins, Pioneers and Venturers) decided by two votes that the £107.95p should go to Cancer Research. Well done to all who took part!