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A little bit of history (2013)

February 2013 - Kingfisher Elfins become "Bee Guardians"
Bee Guardians

It was Monday 18th Feb 2013 when Jess from the Bee Guardian Foundation came to Kingfisher Elfins (and Pioneers) and showed how to make simple bee homes for some of the many bee species native to this country. She reminded us all how important bees are for our ecology - because they pollinate our plants to make them grow fruit and seeds for us (and animals of all shapes and sizes) to eat. Having drilled holes in blocks of wood and screwed a roof on top to protect the bees from the weather, we then decorated our homes in bright colours to attract the bees.

Many have already gone up in our gardens, others are going up at the Pilley Bridge Nature Reserve alongside our Bug Mansion. Bees like their homes to be about a metre off the ground and facing the sun, for at least part of the day. For more information about bees go to the Bee Guardian Foundation website. We are all very proud Bee Guardians. Thank you very much Jess for a very exciting and productive evening.

April 2013 - Bird and Bat boxes go up in the Pilley Bridge Nature Reserve
Bird and Bat boxes

Cheltenham Woodcraft get around to doing some real woodcraft as Kingfisher Elfins, armed with hammers and paint brushes, built and decorated at least 15 bird and bat boxes - just in time for this years nesting season.

The bird boxes will appeal to lots of different birds, Robins, BlueTits, Coal Tits, Tree Sparrows, Nuthatches, Starlings and Woodpeckers to name but a few. The following week we had an outdoor meeting at the Nature Reserve to put the bird and bat boxes up. Take a walk through the reserve and see how many you can find - and how many are in use!