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An archive of older images

These are some historic photos from Cheltenham's past. Over time they'll be migrated to the history pages, but for now can be accessed in their original format for posterity.

1996: Upcote Farm Camp

1997: Upcote Farm Camp

2002: Finland Winter Camp

2003: Venturers' Anti-social Behaviour discussion

2003: Finland Summer Camp

2003: Venturer Drumming Session

2003: Fairford Airbase Demonstration

2003: Stop the War Demonstration, London

2004: Biblins Weekender : Flour Fight

2004: Gower Camp

2004: Romania Camp

2004: Lockerbrook Venturer Weekender

2004: Venturers' Anti-social Behaviour discussion

2004: Venturers' trip to Bloodbrothers

2005: Venturer discussion on Greenpeace

2005: Venturer Camp

2005: Upcote Farm Camp (with Hungarians and Romanians)

2005: Lockerbrook Venturer Weekender

2006: Global Village (GV06) International Camp, Kent

2006: Finland Winter Camp

2006: Centre for Alternative Technology Weekender, Wales

2008: Upcote Farm Camp

2008: Gloucester Pioneers Sailing and Kayaking at South Cerney

2008: Pwll Du Venturer Weekender

2009: Upcote Summer Camp

2010: Levellers Day

2010: Buckstone Camp

2011: Levellers Day

2011: Pwlldu