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Louise Medus-Mansell Memorial Camping Weekend

Noon to noon on the 7th - 8th September 2019

Upcote Farm, Withington, Glos

It is hard to imagine a Woodcraft Leader who wore their green Folk shirt with more pride than our Lou. She threw herself into being a leader, seeing the value of working together cooperatively, nurturing and educating children and young people into the Woodcraft way. Her big strength as a leader was her ability to support children and young people who were experiencing adversity themselves, making them feel wanted and welcoming them into the group. Taking several into her home at times of crisis. She made friends with the children and young people, forming relationships that have endured over many years. Join us for this one-night camp to remember Lou as a friend and Woodcraft Folk Member at her favourite camp venue doing her favourite activity – campfire singing.

*Open to WF members and non-members, for more information and to book your place please email names and numbers to Duncan Siret. **If you need a tent, want help getting local accommodation or need any other help please let us know.