Woodcraft Folk

Cheltenham District
Woodcraft Folk


Spring Camp 2016

Parc le Breos, Gower, 28th May to the 1st June

The Sunny Camp

Around 30 young members, parents and leaders gathered for a spring camp, four nights in the beautiful Gower. The site was situated in a field surrounded by woodland & within walking distance of the beach. The weather was FANTASTIC all week - hot & sunny every day!

Camping for all ages

One of the features that makes a Woodcraft Folk camp different from other organisations is the mix of ages. On this camp there were four Woodchips, as well as a mix of Elfins, Pioneers and Venturers. It's wonderful to see how well all the age groups mix together - the older ones in particular helping to look after the younger ones & make their camp even more fun.

Marine Conservation Society

This year the Marine Conservation Society joined us for a day, where we worked with them to perform a 'beach clean'. It's amazing (& disheartening) to see quite how much rubbish can be collected from what appears to be a very clean beach. The bucketfull of glass shards was truly horrifying, especially as it was a very busy beach with lots of bare footed children! Quite an eye opening experience for children & adults alike.

New friendships

One of the best things about camping is the opportunity to get to know others & make new friendships. This year, as well as the children who come along to most group evenings we also met up with a Woodcraft group from Cardiff; and had a couple of furry friends along (who got a LOT of love & cuddles all week).

A very special place

The Gower is one of the most beautiful places in Britain & we were delighted to be returning there after a 12 year break. One of our favourite places was Three Cliffs Bay, where we spent a lovely day on the beach & paddling in the waves; and a second day where the younger members did a lovely cliff walk above the bay & visited Pennard Castle. There was enough time for some very well deserved ice-creams along the way!